Welcome to the web home of Past Reflections Reproductions.

We are a company dedicated to preserving history by providing the living
history community with garments which literally bring history to life.

 Our core focus is on garments for women and children during the era of the American Civil War. Our company branches out from there, to provide clothing and accessories for men, women and children in eras ranging from the 1760s through the 1940s.
Whether you are a living historian, stage or film costumer or a site manager for an historic site, we can help you make an outstanding, visual impression to the public you encounter. A great image is so important to a complete impression. While you may interact with some people and others may watch a prepared demonstration or speech, EVERY person who looks at you, sees you clothing and the way you carry yourself. Let Past Reflections help you set the stage for a great historic experience.
Whether you are looking for custom made clothing, patterns or ready made historic garments, this site will help you learn about our services.
To support the Pattern line, we carry a supply of items we consider necessary to creating great garments. These items range from fabric, to trims, or frames for bonnets. Learn more by clicking the Stock Items link. If you need something in a hurry for a special event or presentation, be sure to check that page to see if we have what you need ready for quick shipment.


Past Reflections is the home of an ever-growing line of historic
patterns. All of our patterns are made from antique garments, either in
our personal collection or those we have obtained permission to use from
private collectors. The Patterns page will show you all of our