Museum Reproductions


In the 20 plus years that Past Reflections has been busy serving living historians and Civil War Re-enactors, we have also had musuem and theatrical clients. We have a passion for making exact reproductions of extant garments. Many museums have hired us for this expertise. Recreating as perfectly as current materials will allow gives the organization a way to present the history of the original garment to the visiting public while preserving the original by not keeping it on display. Reproductions are made by carefully making a pattern from the original and using the correct, period sewing processes to construct an exact copy.

Below is a parital list of museums and organizations that we have built reproductions for. At the bottom of the list, also note several movie and theater companies that we have provided costumes for. The links below take you to images of the work we've done for the organizations.

Wyandotte Show image

Museum display of exact reproductions made by Past Reflections from originals at the Wyandotte Historical Musuem, Wyandotte, Michigan.



Wyandotte Historical Musuem Wyandotte, MI Reproduced various museum pieces for display; also restored several items
Troy Historical Museum Troy, MI Reconstructed and conserved original dress for display
Oakley Plantation Louisiana Created garments for Bi-Centenial museum display
Cherry Hill Historical Society New York  
Bay Shore Musuem New York Educational Programs trunk program
Design Display Inc.   Garments for Oakley Plantation project
Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood, CA The Adventures of Brisco County Junior
Americana Ballet Companies

Madison, WI and Taylor, MI

Costumed each company for "The Nutcracker" ballet
New York City Opera New York, N. Y. Millinery